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Book Mod 1&2 Test here! 

  1. British Superbike School Take it to the next level on track with us
  2. Highway Code  Check out this online copy of the Code. You have to know the rules.
  3. SCHUBERTH, I have a C4 Pro Carbon and nothing that I have owned before or since compares. German in the essential meaning of everything.
  4. DAYTONA, Now these are boots. They don't leak and they are more comfortable than most shoes!
  5. ACS, We have to protect our ears and these hearing protectors are used in Formula 1 and they are brilliant!
  6. THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Ja, Nee, my Mother Land! Once you have visited the 'Republiek' you will never want to leave! You can take the man out of Africa, but you'll never take Africa out of the man!
  7. (RoSPA) Royal Association for the Prevention of Accidents, They make us safer!
  8. (DIA). Driving Instructors Association. I belong to this association. So now you know.
  9. (LIVES).Lincolnshire Integrated Volunteering Emergency Service. They run an excellent course for biker first aid!
  10. MCN, We all have to read something sometimes don't we! I just think it's a proper newspaper and that will make it all better for me!
  11. J&S Motorcycle and Assessories Doncaster For all your motorcycle gear from Bikes to clothing under one roof