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There are certain checks to do on a motorcycle before you ride off.

a great way of remembering theses check is the acronym P.O.W.D.E.R

P.O.W.D.E.R stands for Petrol Oil Water Damage Electrics Rubber.

  • Petrol. Check if you have enough fuel for your journey. Where applicable make sure the fuel tap is open and the choke is engaged.
  • Oil. Check the oil level to make sure it is at the correct height either by a dipstick or a spy glass in the side of the engine casing. Remember to have the bike on its centre stand, use a paddock stand or get someone to sit on the bike to keep it vertical. Remember over filling an engine with oil is much worse than letting the level drop below the minimum mark. An over filled engine will blow oil seals everywhere around the engine and will cost loads to rectify.
  • Water. If you have a water cooled engine check the level of the coolant again with the bike on its centre stand or with the bike totally vertical. If the level is low remember not to use tap water. Always top up with a mix of distilled water and antifreeze. Antifreeze not only keeps the coolant from freezing in the winter but also helps to stop your bike from over heating in the summer. Don’t only check the water level but also check the antifreeze mix.
  • Damage. Check over your bike totally for damage not only to fairings but also light lenses, brake and coolant hoses, cracks to the bike’s frame, missing fairing bolts, dents to the wheel rims from pot holes, loose brake calliper bolts from vibration, cuts or brakes to the wiring harness
  • Electrics. Complete a full lights check before a ride remember to check both the foot and hand brake switches. Give the horn a quick blip.
  • Rubber. Your tyres keep you in contact with the road so make sure you look after them. Check the tyre pressures when the tyres are cold because the pressure will read higher when the tyres are hot. Check the tread depth of both tyres The minimum tread depth for motorcycle tyres in the UK is 1.0mm. Visually check both walls of each tyre for damage.

Your chain should be well lubricated and have proper tension. Use the following link to learn how to adjust a motorcycle chain.