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What is DAS? 

Why choose us?

Direct Access Big Bike Training is what we focus on. We want to teach you how to ride safely in a fun way. That's our goal. We only teach One to One. You are always number One with us!



Who can access the DAS Scheme?

You have held a A2 Licence for 2 years or  the age 24 and above.

Why do the DAS



Where is DAS test done?

So you want to get an unrestricted licence in the quickest time?

Then this is the way to go!!!

The Rotherham Motorcycle Training Test Centre or Scunthorpe Motorcycle Training test Centre will be used for your practical tests.

DAS, Direct, Access, Scheme, Quickest, Time

You will pass your test with the advanced knowledge to properly ride a motorcycle not only a licence but 'life-sense'.

Reason and purpose for the DAS(Direct Access Scheme) and the benefits of one on one training with WIllem Louw to pass your DAS test.

The purpose of DAS (Direct Access Scheme) training is make sure that you have the necessary theoretical understanding and practical skills to prepare for your practical motorcycling test and ride unaccompanied on any motorcycle, safely and responsibly. We will discuss your riding experience and knowledge and design a program of learning around your specific needs. You're not just a number; you're one more motorcyclist on the road riding safely.

What sets my Direct Access Scheme Course apart?.

 You will be taught by Willem or Chrissy on a one to one basis

What motorcycles are used to do DAS test?

You will be using my Honda CB650F.

We will discuss how a large bike differs from a small bike and how this effects your risk profile. My Honda CB650F has ABS brakes, great suspension, light weight wheels and frame. It differs from most training bikes in weight and balance, power and acceleration, braking and control. We will teach you how to deal with these in a safe, friendly and spacious environment.

This is the bike you will use to do both Module 1 and Module 2 of the DSA motorcycle practical test. You must use (for the Category A licence test) a sole motorcycle with more than 595cc and at least 40 kw of power.

What is needed to do DAS(Direct Access Scheme) Practical test?

You must pass the DVSA motorcycle theory test and have done a CBT in the past two years before you can do your DVSA motorcycle practical test.

Book your theory test now!


Direct Access Module One of the Practical Test (Off-Road Manoeuvres):

What to expect and bring on the day of Direct Access scheme Module 1 off-road practical test?

This part of the test entails off-road maneuvers. It is held at a DVSA Multi Purpose Test Centre. You must take your CBT training certificate (DL196), theory test pass certificate (less than 2 years old) and driving licence with you. You must wear appropriate motorcycle clothing for the practical test, including a high visibility vest.

  • Move off and stop.
  • Controlled (Normal) braking
  • Changing gear
  • Wheeling the motorcycle and using the stands
  • Slow riding skills, such as riding a slalom and figure of 8
  • U-turn
  • Cornering and controlled stop
  • Cornering and the emergency stop
  • Cornering and hazard avoidance

Handy Hints for DAS for what to expect:

It's a great idea to have a look at the

DSA Motorcycle Manoeuvring Circuit. This will give you an idea of what to expect on the Module 1 part of your practical test. 

This module takes about about 30 minutes to finish.

What the Rider can expect and benefit from our one on one instruction:

We will ensure that you can do the following on a big bike on my training area and DVSA test area. The bike lessons will include:

"The motorskills you will learn, will be for life."

Why is it so Important to pass you Module 1 test?

You must pass Module One before you can progress the next module of the practical test.

Where will my DAS(Direct Access scheme) Training take place?

Your Module 1 part of your motorcycle training will take place on my bike training area at Robin Hood Airport, Finningley Doncaster and on the DVSA Test Pad either in Rotherham or Scunthorpe. Your Module 2 part of you bike licence training (road motorcycle training) will take place from my park and ride in Rotherham and in Rotherham around the DVSA Test Centre (after initial training around Robin Hood Airport) .

What is Module 2 Test?

What to expect for Direct Access Module Two of the Practical Test: (on-road riding)

Module Two consists of the following:

  • Eyesight test
  • safety questions you could be asked.
  • Road riding
  • independent riding. This will last about about 10 minutes and is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions. You will be asked to follow the traffic signs to somewhere or a series of directions or a combination of both.

What to expect before the test from the examiner?

You will be fitted with a radio. The examiner will follow you on the road and give you instructions.

What will you learn before doing the Direct access scheme module 2 practical test and the why one on one training is important to pass your test:

We will train you to be able to Identify poten​tial hazard and deal with them safely. We will train you how to deal with all sorts of junctions, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. We will give you the chance to link your knowledge of the Highway Code with real road situations and to interact safely with other road users.

We will teach you a systematic routine to deal with junctions and other hazards safely. We will teach you about static and developing hazards and how the weather and other issues influence these hazards.

What will I learn from Willem Louw Motorcycle instructor for my DAS Mod 2 test?

We Will teach you

  1. How to position your bike correctly on the road
How to deal with bends properly
  1. How to deal with crossroads including controlled traffic lights
  2. How to deal with junctions
  3. How to deal with town centre riding including one-way streets, pedestrian crossings and filtering
  4. How to negotiate roundabouts
  5. How to overtake safely and how to deal with traffic from behind. 
  6. How to follow other vehicles safely
  7. How to ride safely on a dual carriageway including overtaking and the effects of the weather.
  8. How to angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)
  9. How to hill start 
  10. How to ride in areas with a National Speed limit. 

What Skills will I Learn form on road one on one training?

How to deal with bends is the corner stone in the building blocks of a great motorcyclist. I will teach you how to ride through a bend or a series of bends safely. You will know what to do and what not to do.

Where will my DAS MOD 2 test take place?

Your Module 2 part of your bike licence test will be at the Rotherham DVSA Test Centre or Scunthrorpe DVSA Test Centre.  

Your Motorcycle Training will take place on the roads in the test area surrounding The Rotherham Motorcycle Test Centre

For all your Direct Access Scheme Motorcycle Training needs please do feel free to contact me.