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 Petrol Ponies

 Modular CBT  

Want to learn to ride? Chrissy is a great Instructor.

 Come and have some fun  ​ 

Feel the Freedom only a Two Wheels can offer!

About Petrol Ponies Instructor Chrissy Woolfall   

Hi there, well where to start. My Dad has ridden bikes since he was a child, my Mum also has her motorcycle license, so really it was inevitable I was going to follow.

On the 5th of November 2000 I set off to my local training school to do my CBT. My instructor was a gentleman named Peter. He was amazing, and if i'm honest he's part of the reason I became an instructor.

My CBT lasted for 3 years unlike the 2 years you get now, however, if you didn't pass your test within those 3 years you couldn't ride for 12 months. In August 2003 I got home from work to find my Mum had booked my test for me, no pressure then.

Almost three years to the day of passing my test I started training to be an instructor, on my first day, who should walk out the door but Peter. He became a very good friend and colleague. He's seen me through 20 years riding.

In my 20 years I've owned around 13 different bikes, ranging from a 125cc cruiser to a Kawasaki ZX10R super sport to my current Yamaha XT660X supermoto, and ridden many more.

Biking when i started riding was very much a mans thing, 

I knew three women that rode. My Mum, my Aunt and a lady called Martha who owned a bike shop in town (Huddersfield). From there Martha slowly started building up a group of ladies to ride, Claire from the local Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) had huge input into that too, we ran as a group for over 12 months and had some lovely rides, around 12 of us and there was always cake.

After joining MAG in 2004 I did at least 3 motorcycle rallies a year up until 2009 when i found i was pregnant with my eldest. Rallies are so much fun, even if you go to one on your own you come away with so many friends. I also helped run the marshal control at the Welsh National motorcycle show and Anglesey show for a couple of years.

Learning to ride opened up a whole new world for me, and my closest friends were met through biking. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your biking career as i have, and i hope i can help you with that.


Direct Access Motorcycle Instructor
Petrol Ponies ,  Lady

New Painted Pony

All Prepared Now Ready to Train

Chrissy Petrol Ponies DAS and CBT Instructor

Mod 1

Hayley Well Done Mod 1 and Mod 2 Back to Back


Mod 2

Hayley and her new Bike Licence!

Petrol Ponies Direct Access Motorcycle Training
Pertrol Ponies

Ready Set