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SINCE 2012

Happy Motorcyclist
  • Why train One to One?
Everything we do revolves around developing you to be the best, safest rider you can be. Your needs, your safety, you ​are having fun, your progression has 100% of our attention. You are not just one in the crowd. That is why we train one to one. It is a prestige service just for you. 

Why use Good Bikes

You need the good  tools for motorcycle training 

Honda CBF650F,

Suzuki Gladius ,Now also  A2 Restricted 

Suzuki DRZ400,

Honda CB250F

  • Why Tailored Motorcycle training? ​​
You are an individual with your own needs. We can fit our teaching around your specific needs. This is not possible in a group of two or four. The truth is you will get 50% or 25 % of the attention. With us you are on our mind 100% of your riding time.
  • Why Weekend Sessions? 

You work or own a business and we know your time is valuable. We will help you on days that suit you.  

  • Why Friendly?
Well that is just who we are.  We love laughing and it is great if we can do it together. It makes motorcycle training fun. It makes learning motorcycle easy. It costs nothing and it works. We are here to make it fun for you.
  • Why are we the professionals?  
We are DVSA approved CBT and DAS Instructors.

We are riders just like you. We have shed loads of experience in teaching trainees to ride.

Willem has passed his IAM advanced test, he has passed the ROSPA advanced test.  

He has passed the Enhanced Rider Scheme theory test. 

Willem has a diploma in advanced riding instruction from ROSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) and he has been a member of all of them. 

We are best qualified to help you learn how to ride.

We are members of the DIA (Driving Instructor Association). 

You can say Willem and Chrissy have been there, done that and got the T-shirt! We can take all the good and remove all the bad and give you pure distilled motorcycle knowledge right from the start. 

Willem is a specialist road traffic law solicitor with Norrie Waite & Slater in Sheffield


  • Why after hour sessions available? 
When we have lovely sunshine, we can use it.  You do not have to take time away from your business or work to learn to ride a motorcycle. We will work around your commitments to help you learn to ride. 

  • Why at Robin Hood Airport?

The area has new roads, new roundabouts and not a lot of traffic. Brilliant area to get on the road on a motorcycle for the first time. In 3 square miles: You will learn to stop at a stop sign, turn first, second, third and fourth junction at roundabouts; Move from one lane to another; Turn right from a major to a minor road; deal with traffic lights; get up to national speed on straight roads.Your motorcycle training will start at Robin Hood Airport.  We also ride from Rotherham.

Closer to the Rotherham DVSA Test Centre.

Willem Louw KTM 790 Duke Training Bike
Willem Louw Advanced Motorcycle Instructor



" I support local business and ethical business in Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham" 

Willem Louw - Motorcycle Guru